Hi. I am Elyse

I am passionate about helping YOU live a life you love.
And a lot of that starts with financial freedom. I have been working on my finances since I was 22 and I want to share the knowledge I have learned with YOU.

"I was sick and tired of knowing that I was making decent money and not knowing where it was going. I felt broke all of the time and was always worried about money."
22 year old elyse

i had a decent job.

I was working full time as a bartender. Plus had military income. AND was a part time entrepreneur.  I KNEW I had decent money coming in.

But I always felt broke.

My student loans were coming out of their grace period and I owed $180 as a minimum payment. 

How was I going to be able to afford that..

I added up my $34,000 in debt at 22 years old.

My student loan bill in the mail told me that I had a balance of $29,000 in student loans. This also led to me adding up all of my debt including credit cards, car payments, and student loans.

I had thought that I was pretty responsible with my money, but I could not wrap my brain around $34,000 in debt. 

I made the decision to pay off my debt & Fast.

I wanted it gone- and if I would have had the ability to make $34,000 legally that day.. I would have.

I put my head down. Decided what things in my life were the most important to me. And cut out EVERYTHING else. I had a few seasons of a tight budget, but there were still quite a few splurges along my debt free journey.

I paid off $15,000 in the first year. and $18,000 in the second year. Finishing with $36,5000 in debt in 26 months. 

I was debt free at 24 years old.

I will not sugar coat the hard work. 

It was sticking to my budget.

Earning more than I spent and throwing the rest at debt.

But in the end it was so worth it.  I documented my entire journey right here on The Savvy Sagittarius.

I bought my house as a single woman at 24 years old

A few months after paying off my last debt, I bought my house using my VA Loan and was able to buy it as a single, full time bartender! 

It was the most empowering feeling ever to know that I did this on my own. 


my biggest goal is to help women crush their goals.

I show up to show you that it is possible to do it single.

It is possible to do it as a couple and a mom.

It really doesn’t matter your age.

It doesn’t matter what your job is. Career. Bartender. Entrepreneur.. I have done it all.

Showing up. Writing down your numbers. A little bit of hustle.

It will all take you to a life that you can not even currently imagine. 

download my free budget workbook

This mini workbook is designed to give you a quick overview of where your money is right now.

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